Sunday 2 August

I decided to leave my holiday place Soroa one day earlier. Friday I arrived and to morrow waking up with the sound of Cubans on holiday I decided that it was enough to be out of my work and I did everything the travel Gide has speak about. I visited the orchid garden; I did my mountain climbing to the highest peak in the surrounding about 400 metres, I went to the swimming pool and the most important I stood under the waterfall. And by this all I ran into two people who I shared this all with. Anita she is Holland and Stefan from Surinam.  And what happens by speaking my mother’s language after so many days my personal waterfall break trough. And that was refreshing for me.

I had a small conversation with the receptionist about the hotel because I wonder how their policy was with Cuban people in the hotel. She told that just two months they had a new rule that Cuban’s were allowed to come in the swimming pool for the day time for 7 CUC and with a lunch and drink for 10 CUC. Staying at the hotel for one night it was 20 CUC. So she was very happy and with a big smile she told me:” Imagine five years that to day Cuban people could stay in the hotel it is unbelievable. Changing’s she said are coming very slowly but they come. I think it is great Soroa hotel full of Cuban people with tourist from aboard who likes the Cuban way of partying. This all is born out of the economic crises because the hotel had a lack on tourist so the y made this surveying strategy. I think it is a very positive side effect of this “crises”.