Wednesday 15 july

This morning i am invited for the yearly ceremony of the students of the art departments. They told me that about 200 students would get their diploma.

Yesterday i had a an appointment on the Dutch embassy and they warned me just like Geraldine to behave very touristic with my camera as long as my visa is not changed in an artist visa. Otherwise I can have big problems before the work has even started. So Geraldine is still doing her best to get my status in my visa changed. Last night we visited two friends of Geraldine. It is a couple and he will also graduate. His name is Adrian hill and from origin he is from Peru.  He will finished his study as the best student from abroad. His certificate has a golden touch. His girl fiend is now in the third year and her direction is editing. After the inauguration the students decided to go to ISA (instituto superior de art) it is a beautiful constructed place. Before the revolution it was a very expensive golf field. Castro changed everything except the pool and we enjoyed that today. Music some hidden bottles of rum and the pool and every body was very happy. It is the art university of Cuba. Arts, Music, and the film university is on another spot but connected with this place. The whole campus is designed in the shape of a women body. You only can see this from above. What I saw was that everything was round and fluid no hard edges very smooth. Very special places to study I think. I thought it would be a great idea to have a change for three months with students from the art school in Holland.  In Holland the school and everything is in the middle of the society and here you live and work in a beautiful constructed environment. Totally focused on your work and the other students. What I saw to day during the pool party was that there was a great openness and playfulness to wards each other. It really touched me.