Last Thursday I made the decision not to go to Baghdad at this moment. Too much “noise” around it. The direct reason was that they told me on Wednesday that in spite of the official invitation I got from the minister of the marches I perhaps got a visa in two days or perhaps not. “Miss Anne has to understand that this was an invitation of an inner ministry and I needed one from foreign affairs.” So this was too much for me and for the first time I really felt to less back up in Baghdad it self. The next day I got a phone call that my visa has arrived in The Hague. I was shake for one moment what to do? I felt I stay with my decision it was not easy but wise!

Within a month the Minister of the Marches will come to Holland I will meet him and also Mr. Marsoomy who is head of the de Iraqi Society For Marshes Restoration and Development. And I think in the fall, I will make a beautiful trip to the old land of Mesopotamia and also go to Bagdad to make some one minutes. In the meanwhile Sattar is in Bagdad I will write how he is and what he is doing. I think he is happy in a way that I am not coming because my safety counted very heavy for him. These pictures Mr Marsoomy sent me out of The Marshlands.