Friday 24 of July

Yesterday I called Oscar for asking him what about the filming of his mother and his mother in law doing tai chi. For I think it could be a good subject for the one-minute filming. As I understood him well they where all ready prepared. Monday morning at 8.30 they will be present. At his question “can I do something for you” my answer was “yes if you can find out at what time the flag is changing tomorrow I would never forget you”. He said after some thinking oke I will try and we decided to make a tour on his motor to morrow at the same time he really wants to tell me why the colour of these flags are black. To day he was just in time at my house and after he looked to my one minute we decided to go for a ride. It is very nice to be on a motor in this city and with this hot also you can see things from a different perspective then out of a car.

Sitting on the luxury terrace of Hotel National, Oscar explained me that the black flags are a tribute to the proximal 3000 people killed through the USA terroristic actions in Cuba. The news banners on The American Embassy that I already spoke about had a lot of news that Cuba was a terrorist and suppressed country. So as a statement and a hiding of the news banner they put this flags. And then he told me that this flags would be changed to morrow at 8.30. So I am very happy that I know this now. We will be on our post at 8.00 o’clock.

I will never forget you Oscar.

The pictures I took this morning at 7.30 on my way to the embassy. And the last one is of course Oscar