Vision of Paradise( 22) English spoken or English subtitteld. from anne verhoijsen on Vimeo.

Vision of Paradise is a multimedia project developed by Anne Verhoijsen and realised by Stichting Splitzij and Kosmopolis. The central question is: what is your vision of paradise? Indirectly, the answers to this question provide a clear reflection of people’s deepest desires and rejections that they would have had difficulty expressing when asked about them directly.

Because paradise and its representation function as a free zone, an environment where our highest values have free reign, the conversations are not only about our imagination; they present a very compact summary of who we are and what really matters to us.

By using a religious story as a means to attaining a broader perspective, ‘Vision of Paradise’ stresses the parallels and similarities between seemingly different cultures. While inciting introspection and recognition, the work briefly highlights the otherwise invisible threads that connect all people.
Places and countries visited for the project: Sarajevo, Rotterdam, Istanbul, Venlo, Amsterdam, Karosta (Latvia) Rome, Suriname en Aruba, Casablanca and Nador in the Riff (Morocco).

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