As an artist Anne Verhoijsen is a deregulator. With her installations she knows how to slip through our habits of looking and seeing, allowing us to experience the extraordinary in the ordinary and to unlock meaning. For (the exhibition) (T)huis she has made ‘Naming’.

This installation consists of a path of ceramic gravel and a sound composition. As soon as Verhoijsen hears the crunch of gravel she is taken back to the house of her childhood which was encircled with white gravel. Whenever anyone approached the house the silence was broken.

For her it is an emotional image: “I could always recognise the sound of my father’s bicycle’. The piece is about an old desire: “ As a young school girl I longed to mow the grass but instead I always had to pick up bits of gravel from in front of the mowing machine so that my father could continue pushing. In this installation I can make my own sounds, on my own path, with my own gravel. I can take charge of the memory.”

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