De Hallen in Haarlem 2002

Dear Colleaque, was part of the “Book-Art Object” In the Muzej 25. maj, Beograd , Serbia 2008.

This book is aviable in the Johan Deumens Gallery in Amsterdam.

Guiding principle in the book is the physician’s letter of referral to a colleague concerning the artist as his patient. The letter starts with Dear Colleague, .

Friends, nursing staff and the artist herself, made the photos in the book with a Polaroid camera. The drawings were made on the computer based on photos with a normal camera. The book ‘Geachte Collega’ has been added to the collection of the Museum Meermanno, Museum of the Book, in The Hague.

On a wooden table there are four booklets and four pairs of gloves. Above the table there is a slide projector showing well known words of comfort such as “there is always a tomorrow”,
 “everything will work out in the end”; “enjoy the moment” and “every day counts”.

Video van project in de Vleeshal Haarlem

“geachte collega” / dear colleaque from anne verhoijsen on Vimeo.