Yesterday evening Thomas and Sam have left for Europe. And I will leave to day. At this moment it is early morning and I am working in my hotel room with a beautiful view sight of the Arabic Golf. Of course it is an understatement but I shall miss this beautiful weather. We spent over days here to recover from our extreme tiredness and looking back we had a lot of joy over the one-liners used with good intentions and in difficult situations.

Such as:

We like to help you.

I have a brother who is in charge with this, I will call him

My friend is the friend of the governor

Please be patient

Tomorrow in shallah

This is our culture

Thank you so much

I am so sorry

Tell me what you need

No Problem

Bringing presents on difficult moments

It seams to be culturally determined that you don’t say now on a proposal. So if you get not a reaction after three times you know it is NO. We are all very disappointed that we could not spent more time in the Marshlands. To be honest I am not feeling taking serious in my attempt to research the marshlands. Of course we had also a great experience what I would have liked to miss only a small part of it. Also the people are very kind and were happy to see us there. But after 10 days of negotiation we have been exactly for one hour in the marshlands and that is after all my preparation a little bit sad. I know security and problems between organizations played a role in it. But that was not the whole reason there was also other interests what seemed to be more important or more attractive for the organizer in the Marshlands at that moment. I was in one Mudhif, we have beautiful shoots from the marshlands. But the marshlands are bigger I wanted to research more and did not only come so far for only beautiful shoots. There are contacts now on several levels and there are possibility’s to go back. What to say more then In shallah.

This picture has been taken in the old city part of Kuwait. Very nice place what gives me back my memories to old Cairo city.