This afternoon I had my first chat with Marsoomi through Skype. Mr Marsoomi is the head of the Iraqi Society For Marshes Restoration and Development and our host. He is very happy with our
lifeohlifeohliifecoming travel to the Marshlands and organized already a whole program for us. I really hope we can stay for a few days in the Reed villages to sleep there and awake up there. To hear the birds sing through the reed and the boats gliding through the water. I will asked him next time although I know he is a reader of this blog so….I am wondering what is happening with the making of the clothes for Dorinde and me so I asked him to send me a picture of the person who was in charge with it. Not handmade, his daughter will buy it on the market. So please then a picture of the salesman/or women.  For sure it will be a man. I remember in the Kasbah in Damascus as well as in Istanbul as well as in Aleppo the entire salesman where man also in the lingerie business. Amazing this contrast between the totally veiled women and all that lingerie sold through man. This is only a thought of course I don’t  know how it will be in Iraqi lingerie shop!

This evening I had dinner with Thomas Bartels the cameraman and Sam Simons the sound engineer. It was about getting to know each other. And of course making fantasize about the travel. Talking and sharing I get the idea to take a Polaroid camera with me. To be able to leave also images there not only taking. Tomorrow we will have a meeting in my studio with every body of the group who is going to Iraqi. Dorinde, Thomas, Sam and Ahmed will be there. This is the first and the last meeting as a group before we see each other on the airport at the end of the month.