In a couple of hours i will leave for Habana. This the way how they pronounced it and write there in Cuba. I feel very excited it starts already with packing my suitcase.

Not any more my attention on how I can cover my body as I am used to going to the Middle East. It really feels as a change. In Cuba I work together with Geraldine Orta she is student t at the ICAIC (film academy) in Habana. Also I have a packet for the curator of the Museo Nacional De Bellas Artes. The foundation for Cultural Inventory based in Amsterdam has discovered seven years ago a lot of Dutch/Flemish paintings. Since then they are working together on this cultural heritage. The driving force after this foundation is Lia Gorter. So where I don’t take time for in Holland i will go there and see my Dutch roots. My travel feels very promising and i am sure i will get beautiful one minutes from Habana.