The container with the pilothous  has already arrived in Al-Amarah. This house is with a peaked roof. Unfortunately the pilothouse were  already packed before this peaked roof was seen as a problem. At that time it was not possible anymore to change the construction.  I really wonder how this house will fit in the Iraqi landscape. As you see in the still (out of my movie -A day in Bagdad-) people like to sleep on the roof especially in the extreme hot summers.

Ahmed sends us this morning a kind of behaviour instructions for Kuwait and Iraq. Very important no alcohol drinks. For me I have no problem with it for some others a relief. As we have got the stamp to confirm our visa,  we go outside the airport and there hotel IBIS has send some limousines  to bring us to the hotel. The next morning we will leave for the Iraqi border where Mr. Marsoomi will wait for us with the visa. Now two days of packing and organizing everthing.