Last night I received our route planner from Mr. Marsoomi by email. At the same moment I was at skype with Thomas and as you see we are both very happy with this plan. Our trip is becoming more and more concrete. Mr. Marsoomi told me that there are still 300 places in the Marshlands who are very valuable for historical research. He likes to have attention for this before an oil company just start digging. That’s the problem with the Marshlands they don’t have pyramids’ or amphitheatres to show to the world. The history of the Marshlands is older and more vulnerable. Their way of Building houses is not for eternity. But I am not an archaeologist and not a worker on the university I am an artist and very interessted in their way of living. I want to research how the people will respond on a house brought in by the West and what does that mean for their way of living. What can we learn from their building techniques, which they are using already for ages? And how can I bring that here to arise some awareness about our history.