This morning I get a phone call from Ahmed Al Faraj  I fit was possible that the women in our project could sent their measures to mr Caib Al- Marsoomy . When we arrive their our locale clothes will be ready. I got such warm, welcome and happy feeling through this that I felt that the time was now good for starting the blog of my next project.  We are now working on it. It will take place in The Marshlands in Mesopotamia. The land between the Euphrates and the Tigris. The next week I will write about our preparations to go there. So Dorinde de Tempe is coming here tomorrow and we will measure each other. I think our tale is not so important for their way of clothing but the size of the hips, breast and our length.

Dorinde is graduated in Middle East Studies and Photographer.

Mr. Ahmed Al Faraj  is The initiator and developer of the housing project and lives in The Netherlands.

Mr. Chai Al- Marsoomy lives in Iraq and is head of the Iraqi Society for marshes Restoration and Development. He will be our guide when we are there.  And me I am an artist an the initiator of the project and I do the production.