Habana  Monday 13 of July

I live since 16 hours in a very nice house in Vendado in Habana. It is casa particularise directed by two women. Madre  Petronila ( mother) y Hija Rosabel ( daughter).  I have a beautiful room with a veranda full of flowers and birds in the yard. Unfortunately this morning I wake up from a very screaming child only yelling for his mother. Now I write this I remember that I also heard ed it yesterday early in the evening. Let’s watch this and see what is going on.

It is hot here what I could expect but I think it will take me a couple of days to get used to it.  This morning I had my first stroll out side. I discover that I live very close by the Cementerio Christobal Colon. I decided to drink my coffee just up posit the main entrance.  At least i saw 10 cars with dead bodies driving on c.colon that runs straight through the cemetery. As i wanted to walk in they count me 5 pesos CUC what is about 4 euro so i decided to come back on a later moment with my video camera and hopefully my work permit. Geraldine the women whit whom I will work here is now trying to get one for me. It will be Just a good job for her because only 14 days ago she passed her graduation on the film academy. Her main subject is production.  On my way home I discovered a small yard where at least 6 young boys where training their body and mind with weight halters.  They where allowing that I took a picture of  them hopefully they let me also do film them in a couple of days.