This afternoon I was invited by Hajj Abed Al-Saedi the owner of this hotel to make a small tour with him. He wanted to show me some special places. It where all religious places and I got different presents, like the Koran a prayer chain and a prayer tablet. So together with my black dress and my veiled head I am ready for it so to say. At least a piece of cloth in the famous green colour It became clear to me that he owns a lot of land here in this neighbourhood. And as it became clear to me that he wants to use this for tourism. He is the head of a tribe and there for they call him a sheik. His family is very big and the whole I get introduced to new people with the sentence, He is a nephew or the bother or the sun of the brother of theā€¦and so on. They all have a kind of place here in this Garden of Eden Hotel. Talib a nephew of the sheik says it like this: Our country does not have a government so if we have problems we go to our sheik. And he helps me to solve it.