I am still here but my other part has already left for Baghdad. If every thing has worked out how we planned I was now sitting next to Sattar in the plane and we were looking to the map of Baghdad and studying the cameras. But unfortunately my visa is not here yet. A week ago I got a very helpful telephone cal from the embassy. A friendly voice told me: Miss Anne we have good news your visa will be here within two days. After two days it became a week and now I hope every day…so I can travel.

Why Bagdhad

Two months go I took the decision to exchange Havana for Baghdad. At this moment they’re about 40 cities, which are part of this one minute city project. I thought by my self which city is in important in that range of cities that will be show on the world expo in Shanghai in 2010. And immediately Baghdad came to my mind. Immediately I felt a lot of energy by thinking of going there. I asked Sattar Al-Saadi a good friend of mine to do this project together with me. He is born in Baghdad and lives and works as a musician already 15 years in Holland. He is very motivated to show the world different pictures as the images, daily passes us by.

His brother is a well knowing performer in Baghdad so perhaps he likes to join in also. It is very important in this movie that different people show what they like or dislike on the city. So we got a kind of overall image. Impossible of course but it is worth for trying. Great deals of my preparations are on security. I read books of journalist who have been there. I think! I know to behave there…. To day I was surprised to see  Sattar with a starting beard but of course this is for security. Although he is an Iraqi they will see on him that he is not living there so…at least you try to look as one of them. In my suitcase I have an abiya that is a long black dress with long sleeves, a hijab, that is a kind of veil, big black sunglasses black panty socks and black shoes. Filming with all of this will be a big adventure. I just found this web site with instructions how to wear the hijab. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L1tYfBNfqgU)