I really like textile, wind and soft after noon light and  that all I got whenclarity

I cycled yesterday to Arcam where I had to present my lecture.

It was an inspirering gathering and I am convinced that the visitors went a way with a full head of new ideas and questions. I really like it although my brains are very am orphic after last night. I have to search for words to describe the gathering.

The main issue was, is it moral responsible that we transport in this case houses of the west in an aria where the circumstances are far away back in time. And the answer last night was yes. The specialists from the Middle East were totally convinced with that. And of course in this case it is important to mention that only the knowledge goes there. All the materials will be produced in the country it self.

My project is named -Twee Stromen land- that means a land between two rivers. After last night I realize that in this whole project my project is also a project between two rivers and I have to take care that the water will stay clear in my stream. And for sure I need a producer for the project. And now I go to do my sport perhaps that brings some clarity.