Passing the border in Kuwait was not a big deal. But then we could walk to the border or paying for two cars. Mr Veerman gave him about 60 euro to drive us in 6 minutes to the Iraqi border. So that is a good business. There we where very happy to meet Mr. Marsoomi and Mr Hassan to help us with the Iraqi visas.  And still it takes us hours and one of the reasons was that al our visa need to be handwritten in each passport. So it is really a very special document now. After that we were driven in four cars with police guidance. Imaging you see a very important person driving along the road every body has to wait for these cars can pass. So it was with us yesterday and perhaps even more if you see the pictures. These pictures are in order of the day. The last one is a picture with Thomas the cameraman and the director Mr. Al-Haj – Abd Hussein Jabbar Alsaediof the Park of Eden where we are staying.