Freedom, stitch by stitch in Het weefhuis Zaandijk

Freedom, stick by stick. In Het weefhuis Zaandijk 5-05-2015

Reisgenoten – An artist book

Till the end of Mars Reisgenoten in DE Balie Amsterdam. Friday 6-03 openings drink starting at 21.30.

Reisgenoten, an artist book (Travel companions)

On the journey of life sometimes books are the best companions. With Reisgenoten Anne Verhoijsen pays tribute to the voices that comforted her in her childhood, encouraged her all through her youth and inspired her further in life until the age of 50. The intimate space between the reader and the page allows infinite worlds and selves to unfold.

The concept of Reisgenoten is worked out in corporation with the photographer Margareta Svensson.

Leo Vroman wrote a poem in Dutch and in English, especially for Reisgenoten:


Between my ending and my birth

there lives a small eternity

that hugs me and that cuddles me.

No time exists elsewhere on earth.

Leo Vroman

Fort Worth, September 22, 2011

What we see here in De Balie is a selection of the 16 pictures in Reisgenoten. It is a handmade book released in a limited edition of 150. The book is included in the collections of the Meermanno Museum in The Hague, The Caldic collection and De Nederlandsche Bank. The library of MoMA in New York and the New York Public Library also acquired it recently.

Reisgenoten is for sale and after the exhibition in De Balie all the 16 prints are also for sale, the price of the book is € 65 and the prints are € 450 each. If you are interested in buying a book or a print please get in touch with Anne Verhoijsen, 0031(0)6 40092828

About the artists:

Anne Verhoijsen considers herself a disorganizer, both as an artist and as a person. By placing seemingly simple things under a magnifying glass the most ordinary becomes the precious. With this major aim in mind she uses different media depending on how she envisions the artwork to be. They include, amongst others, video, photography, installations, ceramics and performances. Visit to get to know her work.

Margareta Svensson is a photographer specialized in photography of art, objects and interiors. She also produces autonomous art based on photography. Regardless of the subject her work is characterized by great precision and detail. In her pictures even the most insignificant objects look valuable and unique. See

Reisgenoten – Travel Companions- to buy in Printed Matter in NY city.

More information:

Video of the performance Freedom, stich by stich 2014

Passion for Freedom Festival, London

The performance Freedom, stich by stich was performed on the 8-11 of November in London during the Passion of Freedom Festival.
More information about the project.

Earth Murmer

Earth Murmur’ is a performance that took place in the Elizabeth Weeshuis Museum/bibliotheek on 27 September 2014. Paul Glazier and Sato Endo improvised around Anne Verhoijsen’s installation ‘On Hands and Feet’, Paul Glazier on baritone guitar, Sato Endo with movement.
Glazier played one string with an ebow whilst releasing the tension was slowly, producing very earthy sounds full of harmonic resonance. Sato Endo reacted upon both this and the installation so binding the whole.

Sato Endo lives and works in Rotterdam and is a performance maker and dancer. She teaches improvisation and body consciousness in Tokyo and Rotterdam. Earth Murmur Live

Anne Verhoijsen is a Dutch artist living in Amsterdam.

Paul Glazier make a beautiful movie about this event.

Earth Murmur performance 27- 09 LekArt

‘Earth Murmur’ is a performance that will take place in the Elizabeth Weeshuis Museum/bibliotheek inspired by Anne Verhoijsen’s installation ‘On Hands and Feet’. Paul Glazier and Sato Endo will perform an improvisation around the installation; Paul Glazier on Baritone guitar, Sato Endo with movement. Glazier’s music will be confined to playing one string whilst the tension is slowly released. This gives a very earthy sound full of harmonic resonance. Sato Endo will react upon both this and the installation so binding the whole. Sato Endo lives and works in Rotterdam and is a performance maker and dancer. She teaches improvisation and body consciousness in Tokyo and Rotterdam. The artist Paul Glazier lives and works in Amsterdam. He works in various fields from photography and video to music and performance.

12:30 – 12:45 uur binnenplein Elisabeth Weeshuis
13:30 – 13:45 uur binnenplein Elisabeth Weeshuis

On Hands and Feet

LekArt Culemborg, 26-29 of September

In her work ‘On Hands and Feet’ Anne Verhoijsen (1951) displays a multitude of hands and feet secured to the floor. The work is a symbol of being grounded somewhere, of knowing where you are at home. The hands are in direct contact with the ground, maybe they even carry the ground, just as in Manzoni’s ‘Pedestal of the World’.

The story

I made the mould from my own body. Initially I was thinking of a complete body, but decided that my hands and feet – with forearms and lower legs – were enough; they tell the whole story. In this context I like the German expression ‘Hand und Fuß haben’ – there is nothing essential missing.

This is Me

‘On Hands and Feet’ also refers to the Uttanasana yoga position where you bend forward from the hips until your torso lies against your legs, your hands resting on the floor. The Dutch expression ‘Iets handen en voeten geven’ – ‘To give something hands and feet’, is an image that suggests that we want to work out an idea into something concrete. I believe that this is what I as a person and artist try to do in my life. You can see the installation as a self portrait: here are my hands and feet, this is me. The viewer then completes the image.

Location Elisabeth Weeshuis (former orphan house) in Culemborg.

Reisgenoten -Travel Companions- in The Public Library Amsterdam Oost.

Almost the last week -Resigenoten- Travel Companions in the public Library OBA on the Javaplein Amsterdam Oost.

info –

Lecture in Arcam Amsterdam


The curiosity was so big that the public asked for a new gathering when we are back from our travel. We like doing that. We will leave on the 31 of October and we will be back before the 31 of November. Later more. On the picture you see Mr. Ahmed Faraj and me talking. The other image is of the dream of Ahmed. His floating village in the Marshlands.

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