The Gathering

The Gathering by Anne Verhoijsen

Textile, ceramic, glaze, raku firering, 13 pieces, about 1, 40 high and the width depending of the textile.


The Gathering

This work has its origins in my penchant for fabric.

The bodies which support the sculptures are all formed from material which, at one time or another, I either had in my collection or brought back from abroad. Each of these fabrics in each of the figures has a story surrounding it. They come from all over the world.

Each of the sculptures on the top of the figures also have their own tale to tell. They too reflect upon, and converse with, one another. The semi-circle in which they stand invites this. There are thirteen of them. They can change places – depending on the space in which they are standing, and my own feeling about them – and then they tell a different story. They do so without words. But they can also be silent.

The figures are of equal status, which is why they are set at an equal height.

This double image, of the figures and the sculptures, which both conceals and reveals, prompts one to ponder, to reflect, throws questions into relief, and enters into a dialogue with the viewer – who thus becomes, briefly, a participant in this gathering.


De Samenkomst

Dit werk vindt zijn oorsprong in mijn voorliefde voor stoffen.

De figuren waarop de beelden staan zijn allemaal gevormd door wat ik ooit hier verzameld heb of meegenomen uit het buitenland. Over elke stof is wat te vertellen; dat zit in elke figuur. Zij komen van over de hele wereld.

De beelden daarboven hebben, en vertellen, ieder hun eigen verhaal. En ook gaan zij het gesprek aan met elkaar. De halve cirkel waarin zij staan nodigt daartoe uit. Het zijn er dertien. Zij kunnen van plaats wisselen – al naar gelang de ruimte waarin zij staan, en mijn gevoel daarbij – en dan weer een ander verhaal vertellen. Dat kunnen zij zonder woorden. Maar ook kunnen zij zwijgen.

Zij zijn gelijkwaardig. Vandaar dat zij op gelijke hoogte staan.

Dit dubbelbeeld van de figuren en de beelden, dat verhult en laat zien, zet aan tot overpeinzen, tot nadenken zelfs, roept vragen op en gaat zo ook een gesprek aan met de bezoeker. Die daarmee tevens (even) deelnemer wordt aan deze samenkomst.

Anne Verhoijsen at work

Big Art

Hembrug Zaandam – 30 September till 3 October 2021.
It was a great event with a lot of attention ( press and visitors) and promises for my work.

ekwc plane on Big Art
ekwc plane on Big Art
ekwc plane on Big Art
ekwc plane on Big Art
ekwc plane on Big Art
ekwc plane on Big Art

Drawing Week @ Cobra Museum

Now on show in the Cobra Museum in Amstelveen my drawings  made during the exhibition Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera. I was part of a drawing week under the inspiration of Artist Jonas Ohlsson.

drawing by Anne Verhoijsen @ Cobra Museum

Ever Emerging Mag

My entry amongst others has been selected for ever_emerging mag. An art magazine for women artist abouve 45 years.
This is the first edition for woman artist working in The Netherlands.


anne verhoijsen ekwc-air-vliegtuig

Title: My plane
Material: Ceramic, glaze, transfers, lashing strap
Dimension 210 x 200 x 70 cm (LxWxH)
Year: 2021

Air in EKWC European Ceramic Workcentre 
november 2020 – february 2021

English: Link to text ‘Anne has made an aeroplane’ by Tanja Karreman

Dutch: Link naar tekst ‘Anne heeft een vliegtuig gemaakt’ door Tanja Karreman

In maart 2021 verscheen een artikel in magazine de kleine K door Ad van Lieshout over het maakproces van het keramische vliegtuig tijdens haar AIR periode in EKWC.
Dutch: link naar artikel Mijn Vliegtuig in de kleine K door Ad van Lieshout

EKWC AIR vliegtuig

Detail photo of the tale with postal stamp transfers.

vliegtuig EKWC uitsnede Anne Verhoijsen

My Plane EKWC

-My Plane-

Bureau Europa puts a spotlight on people who travel, from still reflecting at home to the hustle and bustle of mass tourism.

More info: Website Reisbureau Europa

Reisbureau Europa

vliegtuig anne verhoijsen for sale @ ekwc

Airplane on the wall
31/36/12 ( LxWxH)

Small aeroplane available soon in the EKWC shop.

Title: Last plane
Material: Ceramic, lashing strap
Dimension 30 x 12 x 9 cm (LxWxH)
Year: 2021

kleine vliegtuigen

ekwc anne verhoijsen vliegtuigen en trappen

Study of works at EKWC (Sunday morning at EKWC)
Year: 2021


Ladders for sale in EKWC shop soon

studio drawing Anne Verhoijsen vliegtuig

First study airplanes Oktober 2020

vrouw op rood kleed

Title: ME
Material: Ceramic, glaze
Dimension 120 x 70 x 2 cm (LxWxH)
Year: 2021

beelden anne verhoijsen ekwc

sculptures length between 15 and 35 cm
ceramic, glaze and gold luster

beelden anne verhoijsen ekwc

sculptures length between 15 and 35 cm
ceramic, glaze and gold luster

Embroidery in mourning


When I was a kid, I collected locks of hair. I asked classmates for a strand of their hair, which I then cellar taped into my hair collection book.
Memories consists of pictures that are stitched together. The image shows my mother’s hair in different states: wet, with curlers, covered by a hairnet. I always use the same picture for each individual work. And the colour of the thread and the direction of the image inspire the onlooker to search for what it could be. The black and white works were made when my mother was still alive. The pink and grey were created after my mother had died. Embroidering in mourning.

embroidery in mourning by Anne Verhoijsen

Embroidery in mourning by Anne Verhoijsen



ZOMERSALON 2020 CBK Zuid Oost Amsterdam

  • Jury price winner

    Anne Verhoijsen, Fragments, 2005 – present –future, mixed media/paper.

Jury report:
A visually stimulating artwork that arouses curiosity gently. There is a lot to see here. The work is literally and figuratively layered, with past, present and future, pictures and thoughtsdepicted on thumbnail-size cards that together make one big artwork. This work can evolve in the future, by replacing the underlying drawings. The jury found the design and presentation to be an essential part of the appeal of this layered work.

Material: paper. Transparant fotosheet. Photograph. Size: 1,20/1,70

Fragments part 1
2015 – 2020
The head is that of the Egyptian pharaoh Akhenaten (1353-1336 BC).
He is known as a nonconformist. For instance, he rejected the polytheistic worship of many deities in favour of a monotheistic religion with one god. Sun god Aton was at the helm of his empire. He also allowed himself to be portrayed in intimate settings in sculptures and hieroglyphs, which was totally unusual at the time.

Akhenaten was written out of history by the pharaohs, but intensive research into the Egyptian empire has been bringing his history to light.
I have been fascinated by Egyptian culture all my life, and the head of Akhnaton obsessed me in particular. I have painted and drawn it endlessly. Eventually, I took a photo of a painting of his head and printed it in negative.

The essence:
The head, the place where our mental materials are stored. In this work, I have embedded fragments of thoughts that have sparked new thoughts and continue to shape my future. Because the visual materials are placed behind, I can always change them – something that is not so easy in reality.


Fragments by Anne Verhoijsen, Zomersalon 2020 CBK Zuid-Oost Amsterdam

Fragments by Anne Verhoijsen, Zomersalon 2020 CBK Zuid-Oost Amsterdam

Nieuw Dakota

Corona Archives in Nieuw Dakota
After four months of archiving digitally, this summer we are showing a large part of the Corona-archives submissions in Nieuw Dakota.
For this reason we have converted the space into a Passage. From Sunday July 12 we are open between 12.00-18.00.
The Corona-archives will be on show until Sunday August 30 during our regular opening hours.

Nieuw Dakota
Ms. van Riemsdijkweg 41b
1033RC Amsterdam

About my work
I moved during the corona lockdown. All my belongings are packed individually. They don’t touch, just like we must keep our distance from each other now. In my studio, I’m now busy folding all those papers. Moving is an intense time. My time stands still and moves at the same time. I feel the need to fold and stack all those papers neatly. To connect them, without clutter.

Link to the video

video Anne Verhoijsen in Nieuw Dakota

Video Anne Verhoijsen in Nieuw Dakota

Video Anne Verhoijsen in Nieuw Dakota


prints Anne Verhoijsen New Dakota

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