Bijna klaar om te vertrekken naar Cairo.

Voor de eenminuten ga ik naar Cairo. Samen met plaatselijke kunstenaars ga ik een portret maken van de stad.

Elke uur wordt in een minuut weergeven en zo gaan we de klok rond. Dit proces kun je volgen en becommentariëren via mijn blog.

Afgelopen september was ik ook in Cairo.

Morgen vertrek ik. In juni ga ik ook hier voor naar Bagdad.

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Almost ready to leave for Cairo.

Finally to morrow I fly to Cairo/ Everything is packed and i am very excited how the project will go and how all those people fit together in one way or the other.

I have three camera’s and some people bring there own Like Nozomi Kume. She is an Japanese Art student on the Rietveld and I invited her also to be part of the project. She will come in a couple of days. It is her first visit to the Middle East.

At this moment we are with 5 people in one way or the other from Cairo and two people Nozomi and me from Europe so I think a good mixture

Yesterday I bought 24 tapes. The employer looked to me a little bit strange and when I tell him that every tape is for one minute he even looked more …..he said are you sure I have enough in my storage but …are you sure.

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