Here all the coffee places have access tointernet. As a business you have too otherwise no one comes to enjoy your coffee.  Yesterday we were strolling around  looking for a good coffee.  My computer was at home and I don’t have an I- phone. So that means I could just sit and enjoy my coffee and look around me. And what I saw was this beautiful young girl who was extremely happy with her doll. She was totally in her game  playing a young mother.

It reminds on a paper  I wrote once.

“ Mini girls in Maxi dresses.”

It was in the time of the 80 eighties when you saw this images coming up. Small girls wearing the same outfit as their mother, walking next to her with her doll. It is very cute and the most people are very touched by this image. When we are young we learn the most from copying. It took years to uncopy myself!