This afternoon I stood on the stage in the Babel theatre. The props of the piece -The Maid – of Jean Genet where still there. I put on a coat and started to talk. The talk you know when you are really fat up with somebody. Maze was my director and he let me do it for three times. Then the smoke came up. I hope if I have a next live I will be an actress and a singer.  So I made hopefully good karma for this next change!

Wednesday we have our presentation here in the Babel Theater.  Our house here is just around the counter from Haram street. It is a very big flat with a lot of paintings in it. This morning Maze and me took advantage of not having internet connection in the house. We just look at the ceiling and made our own stories. It is a nice experience and after our disappointment from not having internet connection and we are almost happy with it now.

In the mean time we are going on exploring Beirut.