Till the end of Mars Reisgenoten in DE Balie Amsterdam. Friday 6-03 openings drink starting at 21.30.

Reisgenoten, an artist book (Travel companions)

On the journey of life sometimes books are the best companions. With Reisgenoten Anne Verhoijsen pays tribute to the voices that comforted her in her childhood, encouraged her all through her youth and inspired her further in life until the age of 50. The intimate space between the reader and the page allows infinite worlds and selves to unfold.

The concept of Reisgenoten is worked out in corporation with the photographer Margareta Svensson.

Leo Vroman wrote a poem in Dutch and in English, especially for Reisgenoten:


Between my ending and my birth

there lives a small eternity

that hugs me and that cuddles me.

No time exists elsewhere on earth.

Leo Vroman

Fort Worth, September 22, 2011

What we see here in De Balie is a selection of the 16 pictures in Reisgenoten. It is a handmade book released in a limited edition of 150. The book is included in the collections of the Meermanno Museum in The Hague, The Caldic collection and De Nederlandsche Bank. The library of MoMA in New York and the New York Public Library also acquired it recently.

Reisgenoten is for sale and after the exhibition in De Balie all the 16 prints are also for sale, the price of the book is € 65 and the prints are € 450 each. If you are interested in buying a book or a print please get in touch with Anne Verhoijsen, 0031(0)6 40092828

About the artists:

Anne Verhoijsen considers herself a disorganizer, both as an artist and as a person. By placing seemingly simple things under a magnifying glass the most ordinary becomes the precious. With this major aim in mind she uses different media depending on how she envisions the artwork to be. They include, amongst others, video, photography, installations, ceramics and performances. Visit www.verhoijsen.com to get to know her work.

Margareta Svensson is a photographer specialized in photography of art, objects and interiors. She also produces autonomous art based on photography. Regardless of the subject her work is characterized by great precision and detail. In her pictures even the most insignificant objects look valuable and unique. See